Tuesday, February 2, 2010

production plan

week one:
introductions, syllabus, self assessment

week two:
- work to make final rules,
- stenography rule set
- figure out font style, look and feel, and sketch sketch sketch
- research linguistics, dictionaries

week three:
- draw letters - 23

week four:
- draw letters - 22

week five:
- start digitizing
- layout writing manual

week six:
- digitize and spacing, kerning, metrics

week seven:
- spacing kerning, metrics
- start making samples

week eight:
- movie poster
- package piece
- restaurant signage
- menu
- writing manual

week nine:
- presentation
- symposium prep

Elevator pitch - updated

Are you familiar with Spanglish, or Chinglish? My project is about Hinglish – Its a popular trend in India, where people speak a mixture of Hindi and English and swap words all the time.
I’m developing a hybrid writing system and a typeface that combines English consonants and Hindi vowels and accents. It is meant for designers to use as an expressive element to attract Hinglish speakers and can work as a great identity building tool.

Thesis 2 - week 2

1. IDEA: To create an hybrid experimental writing system as a tool for communication designers to attract a bilingual Indian audience that primarily speaks Hinglish. This writing system uses English consonants and Hindi vowels and will be called Hybrid Masala.

To further help designers to put this system into practical use I will also design one typeface that supports this writing system called HybridMasala.otf

2. FORM:
1) Writing system with a user manual and guidelines
2) Typeface with booklet and usage samples
3) Website to explain the writing system and distribute the font.

1) For writing system : simplicity, clarity and consistency
2) For typeface: a modern approach that speaks to the youth culture in India. Not too traditional and Indian looking, more contemporary.

- Units to a whole.
- rules to make a system,
- letters to make a working font.

- conceptually designing a system that is understood by the bilingual audience
- drawing and digitizing letterforms and most importantly figuring out the spacing.

- packaging of the manual and typeface via the website and printed samples so that it easy to comprehend and enticing to use.