Friday, February 26, 2010


Quote from -
Entry from Backside only - Binoo J John, pg 5-6, Penguin Books India 2007

"The problem of confronting and adopting or mastering the English Language has been with India.. for over four centuries, and still continues. A hybrid form of English or Hinglish stalks the land and is not only accepted but quite popular. Use of a few English words like 'tension' and 'ready' in an otherwise Hindi conversation shows the connect witht he larger world or at least smacks of some level of ambition and erudition. Though Indians prefer to speak in one of about thirty languages that are their monther tongues, most documents are written in English, even inr emote villages which makes necessity the mother of invention, giving rise to a hybrid form of the written language. When it comes to the hand that writes, there is a sense of apprehension about the usage, but the document comes out in English nevertheless. When it comes to putting pen to paper, or paint-brush to hoardings, Hindi is discarded for what is seen as a higher form of communication..."

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