Thursday, February 19, 2009

Space is the place

Simple interactions to amuse -
using your body and act of walking as a means to interact with the floor and light.

Floor lights on a staircase

when one person steps on a colored light - all other lights of the same color light up -

Pressure sensors - floor lights
could be used in large open spaces - hotel lobby's, airports, lobby's of schools

floor tic tac toe
2 sensors - one of each option
on tapping the same sensor twice it turns off


further ideas:
typography through lights on stairs? simple words - that change over time

maybe a question game where the answers are by stepping on the answer - the fact that u have to climb up or down automatically creates a direction and sequence - use that to my advantage.

Shell Phone

Two years ago I was very attached to my old Nokia. I couldn't be parted from it and if I were I found myself quite lost. But now that I have an iPhone, I don't care much for the Nokia. Therefore I feel it requires a proper burial, goodbye or a ceremony to acknowledge that its functionality is "dead" for me.

The shell is a coffin for the phone and beyond it sits a framed picture of the Nokia with a garland around the frame - putting a garland around pictures of dead family members is a way of paying respect to them in India.

My idea was also to make comment on and acknowledge how we have become so attached to our phone, when we find ourselves without it we are unsettled, disturbed and often at a loss. Yet at the same time the same phone is easily replaceable. It's not the object we are attached to it is the ease of communication.

Also by the act of a burial I am personifying the phone - by performing a ritual for it as we may have for a loved one.

Additionally I would like to draw attention to the fact that a phone does infact hold clear traces of our life. It does have our messages, conversations, voice mails, our appointments, emails, physically it has our finger prints and cells on its cover. Even though we don't realise it when we move from phone to phone we do leave a part of ourselves behind.

Is the phone a shell for us?

Materials and preparation :

Ritual -

- a graveyard for cellphones?
- graveyard = recycling for cellphones = phone heaven
- what if the iphone came to the funeral?

precedents / research / sketches

alternate idea:

The iphone though highly functional does not yet satisfy all the demands of the corporate world. It is still considered a vanity object, a style phone and a fun phone by a lot of the pc - world.

Building on this idea I want to use the reflective surface of the phone as a mirror -

the new shell of the phone, is a fancy case for the phone and also doubles as a make up kit with the phone's reflective surface as a mirror.

precedents: LG shine - reflective mirror surface.

Domain Map

most refined

initial drafts -