Sunday, December 13, 2009

wireframe - rules for system

1) Character set:
21 English Consonants
12 Hindi Vowel letters
12 Vowel accents

2) Combine the english consonants and hindi vowels to spell words
- Use consonants to create a base sound
- Add vowel accents to alter the sound

3) If the word begins with a vowel use a vowel letter

4) The short ‘a’ vowel sound is inherent in consonants, no need to add it unless the word begins with the vowel.

5) Exclude silent English consonants

6) Spell words exactly as you say them for complete phonetics

7) All words will have a bar on top

8) English consonants sit below the bar and NOT touch it.

9) Hindi vowel letters sit below the bar and NOT touch it.

10) Hindi vowel accents MUST touch the bar on top, except the ones that are applied below.

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