Friday, December 18, 2009

Font Design - as a small study for my thesis

This is a font that I have designed for my Display Lettering class. I am calling it Curve.

Curve Medium
is a San Serif display font. One end of a stroke in each letter is curved thereby giving it its name.
I was trying to make a font with well-balanced proportions. Special attention was paid to vary the x-heights, the stem and the stroke widths of each letter to make it more legible and visually elegant. I wanted this font to be functional and have an amiable feel to it so that it seems welcoming and approachable. The curve in each letter was a subtle stylistic measure to make the San Serif less sharp and obtuse.

While this is not what Hybrid Masala Font is going to be like but going through the process of designing this font has taught me a lot about
- drawing letter forms by hand
- translating the sketches onto illustrator
- using fontlab to convert the illustrator eps and generating a font
- I have learnt about kerning, metrics and positioning and aligning letters in fontlab
- also I have begun to study composite characters and this directly relates to my thesis project as the hindi accents will be added to English letterforms as composite characters.

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