Thursday, December 17, 2009

Final: Hybrid Masala Application

This project is a prototype for my Thesis which I will be completing next semester. I am making an experimental Hybrid script that combines English (roman) Consonants with Hindi (devnaagri) Vowels to create words. This script is useful for short words and phrases and therefor lends itself naturally for signage, branding and display lettering purposes.

In order to support this script I will create
1) a website that shares the rules and guidelines for this writing system -
2) A font that supports this system
3) A flash application that allows one to test the system, create samples online and post them to a ready database and community online, and also test the font.

My project is a prototype for the application.
Download it here -

This application allows a user to test the writing system and font
1) They enter their name
2) They enter the word they are trying to create in English or Hinglish (Hindi transliterated in roman letters).
3) Using the provided keyboard they can create the word or phrase
4) They can delete with the back arrow
5) Once they hit submit the words will become a part of a larger system with other samples like the sketch below -

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