Sunday, December 13, 2009

feedback analysis for writing specimens

- Positive response
- creative, interesting, unusual and cool, very imaginative
- element of humor and play
- Surprisingly easy to read
- single words work much better
- once you got the rule it was as quick to read as hindi or english
- grabs your attention so you want to try and figure it out - like a game, like mirrored writing
- easy for words that they know - want to see unknown , or made up words
- has a strong potential for branding - not corporate but playful, fun and light hearted look

- can be used as a fun font, display font
- movie poster titles
- print
- online?

some things need to be clear in terms of the rules and system -
- Eliminating vowels and using hindi accents.
- can I remove silent letters as well?
- make it more pronouncable - more phonetic,
- handwriting needs to be clearer,
- some issues with letters that look similar in both languages

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