Monday, October 19, 2009

post Mid-Term reviews / thoughts

From what I understand the main questons that I have unanswered are -

1) What is hinglish?
- why is it important?
- what does it mean?
- who is for?
- where do we see it?

2) Is typeface design the only way to talk about it/ express it?
- can there be a whole branding campaign about Hinglish?

3) Does making a typeface for the language legitimize the language?

4) I think my approach been purely aesthetic and not addressing how the language itself has changed-

New Broader ideas-
1) can one truly express hinglish typographically -
- a typeface that allows us to type a sentence in hindi and in english simultaneously
- can the hindi parts of a purely english sentence be highlighted?
- can emoticons be used to do that?
- while chatting is it possible to track how often someone uses a fusion word?

2) Hinglish can only be read by someone who knows both languages -
- so can a document using only hinglish words be read?

Midterm presentation here

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