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Examples of Hinglish

My understanding is that this is a growing - language, culture and movement that arises out of the fusion of Indian and Western cultures.

"It's a bridge between two cultures that has become an island of its own, a distinct hybrid culture for people who aspire to make it rich abroad without sacrificing the sassiness of the mother tongue."

- The Christian Science Monitor

As a language: Techinically Hinglish is mixing two languages, Hindi and English. It allows people to communicate with ease, but is grammatically incorrect and often words which do not exist in either language are invented.

"Ten years ago, if somebody used Hindi in an otherwise perfect English sentence, I don't think that we would have hired him. It would be a sign of a lack of education. Now it's a huge asset."
-Sanjay Sipahimalani, executive creative director of Publicis India

"In Bombay, everybody knows the word 'tension,' " "My maid one day told me, 'Aajkul humko bahut tension hain.'" (Translation: These days, I feel a lot of tension.) "She understands, and I understand. It really works."
-says Shaziya Khan, a young advertising whiz in Bombay.

Spoken: a hindi sentence infused with English words or vice versa
a radio jockey in the UK doing a show about talking in Hinglish and teaching an British National how to communicate in this language.

Another example of how bankers talk:
"For issuing new cheque book we charge Rs 75/-. Yeh amount aap ke account mein debit kar dee gayee thee."

Written :
using the English alphabet / keyboard to spell out Hindi words.

Blog: "The New Nation of Hinglish Speakers"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hum Aaj bhi kyon skin colour ko itna importance dete hain

Kya ab bhi hum asians skin colour ke peche pagal hain.Kya sanwla ya black skin colour khoobsurat nahin hota.England ki ghulami ki wajah se hum safed rang ko superior samajhte hain.kya safed rang hone bhar se koi khoobsurat ho jata hai.Aaj koi bhi insaan apne liye ladki dekhne jata hai to uski aur uski family ki first preference gori ladki hoti hai.
Aaj jahan Rani Mukhrjee,Bipasha Basu aur kitni hi sanwli ladkiyan successful hain.Wo glamour world mein kamyaab hain ,jahan pehle rang ko bohoot importance di jaati thi.
Agar kisi ke ghar baccha hota hai,to pehla sawal ye pucha jata hai ki wo,gora hai ki nahin.
Hum kab apni ghulami wali mentality se bahar niklenge.Kab hum beauty ko colour ke hisab se dekhna band karenge.Humein apni thinking badalni padegi,varna hum aage nahin badh sakte.
Wo waqt aa gaya hai ki hum apne original colour ko pehchane,jo gehuwna ya sanwla ya gora ya kala kuch bhi ho sakta hai.Aur humein apne rang pe naaz hona chahiye.Jab tak hum apne mein confidence nahin layenge aage kaise badhenge.

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Published works:

Fiction Novels: by contemporary writers, "The Queen's Hinglish" by Baljinder K Mahal, "Indlish" by Jyoti Sanyal, "Entry from the Backside" - by Binoo k John's


"jaisa mood waisach music" - literally translates means the music matches the mood

signage that reads "Upahar" - meaning Gift in Hindi, but spelt in English.

Fashion: the indian aesthetic in clothes, jewellery and embellishment imbibed by westerners and also mixed with western fashion

eg: Natalie portman wearing Indian jewellery with western clothes

eg: Angelina Jolie wearing Indian Jewellery with her western Gown.

eg: the new fashion of Indo-Western wear, a "kurti" - a long shirt, but a short kurta over jeans, with indian embroidery and embellishment.

Movies :

- "Bend it like Beckham"
- "Monsoon Wedding"

Advertising in Hinglish

blog - The Christian Science Monitor, November 23, 2004 edition

A Hindi- English jumble, spoken by 350 million
- by Scott Baldauf, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

"You may be understood, but not vibed with. That's why all the multinational corporations now speak Hinglish in their ads."

- says Ashok Chakravarty, head of the creative division of Publicis India, an advertising firm outside New Delhi

Case Exmaples
1) Pepsi:
global campaign - "Ask for more" campaign a local Hinglish flavor: "Yeh Dil Maange More" (the heart wants more).

2) Coke:

has its own Hinglish slogan: "Life ho to aisi" (Life should be like this).

3) Domino's Pizza:
"Hungry kya?" (Are you hungry?)
ex menu item: Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

4) McDonald's :
"What your bahana is?" (Bahana means excuse, as in, "What's your excuse for eating McDonald's and not home-cooked food?")

ex menu item: - McAlooTikki and Mc Maharaja Chicken

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