Monday, October 26, 2009

attempts at new ways of writing - mixing hindi and English

This is an example I ran across on this site -

Rakesh Raju, who speaks both English and Hindi - devised a way of writing combigning both alphabets for each word to enable him to write faster -

Devnaagri vowels + English Consonants

I tried to utilize this system and user test it with simple examples - my attempts were as follows

1) English Lowercase consonants with devnaagri vowels

2) English Uppercase consonants with devnaagri vowels

3) Hindi Consonants with English vowels

What I learnt:

1) I thought it was an interesting combination and unique and something different to see -

1) Took me a very long time to write it - defeats the purpose of making a script for a language which is meant for quick, easy, friendly, casual usage.

2) English and Hindi work on very different systems. Figuring out rules for it would be complicated.
- hindi has 12 vowels, and 33 consonants, and any combination of 1, 2, ,3 or 4 of these can make up numerous letters.
- English has 26 fixed letters - with 5 vowels and 21 consonants

3) English has a lot of silent letters and some letters are pronounced differently when spoken.
Hindi is written exactly as it is spoken, it is completely phonetic.

Upon user testing feedback:
1) interesting to look at - specially the devnaagri accents on the english letters but will only work for single words, and not phrases or sentences

2) confusing - can only be understood by someone who speaks both hindi and english and would need a fixed rule about when to use what vowel and consonant

3) hard to read fast and can't understand at first glance.

4) better to use English to write Hinglish than to use this as it is an existing script. Where as with with we have to learn a new way of writing and what's the use as anyways you will have to learn Hindi and English before learning this.

5) hindi is written as it is spoken but english involves a different system, so hard to combine both. example - cat and censor - so this does seem a little pointless

1) as we can write hinglish anyways by using english alphabets - devising a new system to write this language does not help it or add value to it.

2) atleast with all english characters the word can be added to the English language if used enough, but with Devnaagri accents its becoming a third language - complicating communication.

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