Monday, September 7, 2009


Project ideas:
1) Display and decorative typography - The fonts would be highly stylized and unique and not to be used for body copy but more for use as headings or signage.

2) Designing an English typeface that has an Indian feel, OR Designing a Hindi Typeface but one that’s of a western appeal

3) Working with modular typography for Hindi - building type with objects of indian symbolism, and conversely how do objects of western symbolism work when used to build the devnagri script.

4) An online interface / website that allows for trial and testing of these display typefaces. One can test their required word or phrase and download the font for print or web use.

My motivations to pursue this idea are
1) I am personally vested in both cultures, and would like to bring that into my work.
2) I have a keen interest in typography and would really like to explore it indepth and take this chance to work in developing typefaces -
3) I was very inspired by Tarek Atressi's of SVA- - he has developed several western looking arabic typefaces - this gave arabic websites a western feel and thus speaks to multiple audiences and I would like the use of my typefaces to open up such avenues in India.

links of interest/ preliminary-research:

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