Sunday, December 14, 2008


Play card to make words on

Magnetic letters that go on board

Positioning for letters on magnetic board

game tested with modified rules. (rough edit)

Letters on the board
Round one: 5
Round two: +3
Round three: +2

Bonus Points per round
Round one: 5
Round two: 3
Round three: 2

Points for words
4+ letter word: 5
3 letter word: 3
2 letter word: +2

- Letters are announced in every round and placed on the board
- Players can circle the letters on their scratch card as they are announced.
- Players make words using only the letters called.
- Whoever makes the first 7 words - must shout "Rainbow"
- The first person to shout is the winner of the round and is awarded bonus points in addition to the word points.
- His seven words are called out - if anyone else has them they must be cancelled from their lists.
- players calculate their points
- whoever has the maximum points at the end of 3 rounds wins the game