Thursday, October 2, 2008

Red Mango Commercial

assignment to create a 15 second commercial that conveys the vibe and mood of a young and hip brand.

Red Mango is a yogurt shop that off-late has gained popularity and appeals to people of all ages. The adjectives I concentrated on for my Vibe movie were - colorful, fresh, young, healthy and light hearted.

I chose to use the form of the logo as a means to tie my project together and maintain a common theme throughout the commercial. Also in order to bring emphasis to "red" I maintained a primarily red and white color palate with the colors of the fruits adding hints of surprise.

The choice of music was to give it an added lively and light hearted feel.

Please click on image above to view movie-

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Artist's Statement

As a graphic designer entering the realm of web design, motion graphics and interactive design I am deeply interested in color, form, shape, texture, repetition, patterns and how these are changed over time.

I find patterns in the visual context and in the larger realm of the universe such as echoes, seasons, fractals very intriguing. They are precise, mathematical, predictable, repetitive and yet surprising – this appeals to me. Studying the internal relation between units within a pattern and how that affects the relation between the unit and the whole is interesting to me. I would like to explore how these relationships can be used to create complex yet harmonious visual systems and unified designs.

I grew up in India where I completed my schooling. I have a BFA in Graphic Design, from Rhode Island School of Design. Majority of my work has been print based and I have developed strong skills in typography and color with a good understanding of design principles. I have grown to really appreciate the medium of print and find it rewarding that one can have a tangible piece as a result.

Today the Web, interactivity and motion graphics have become a major part of our visual culture and they have drawn my interest to factors such as time, rhythm, pacing and audience interaction. I want to explore how these new factors can enhance my work and give it a new dimension. In order to study these mediums and design with an innovative approach I am pursuing an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons .