Thursday, November 20, 2008

MAKING HINDI FUN : final interactive project


My Project involves making Hindi a fun language for children in India, by using the alphabet as the form and incorporating its phonetic sounds in a game or interactive piece.

- Hindi is a beautiful language but it is not encouraged enough in comparison to English when children start learning it.
- Most alphabet and language toys are in English and therefore children associate more with western concepts quickly
- In the process they seem to be drifting away from Indian mythology, history and the language.
- A lot of high school children have to take extra tuitions for Hindi but not for English. This attaches a negative stigma to Hindi
- Children find it hard to construct sentences, write in the correct tense and as they get lower grades their aversion to Hindi grows.
- A lot of young adults and teenagers in the big cities can’t speak Hindi very well. However their English is impeccable.
Therefore I see the need to create an interactive piece that can be used as a way for children to interact with Hindi in a fun and positive environment.

- I am interested in typography and would like to investigate it with regard to the Hindi alphabet. I would like to experiment with Devnaagri alphabets, shape, form and color to create something playful and inviting for children

- I’m interested in the age group 2-8 years old as it is easiest to learn a language when you are a child. Also I enjoy being around children, teaching and playing with them.

- While growing up I never had any toys or games that related to the language and I find it odd that in India we should only have games in English

- While I can sing the English alphabet I have to think and stutter through the Hindi alphabet and I feel there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be fluent in my own language.


Research :
My peers in this field would be companies that make alphabet learning toys and games for children –
Leap frog
FAO Schwarts
- Hindi learning software’s and programs – for children

example of existing hindi signage in india:

Audience: children age group ??
- children that go to English medium schools and are taught English from age kindergarden and playschool.
- They learn colors, shapes and songs in English. The entrance exam to 1st grade is in hindi.
- They can associate in English, construct their thoughts and have a good vocaubulary by age 4-5. In Hindi however they only know what is taught to them at home verbally and not with correct grammer or context.

Possible ideas:
- a game for children that has pieces of alphabet carved out – to teach them shape and form – made in wood and in color
- sound to incorporate the phonetic sound of the alphabet
- a book with shapes – to color in
- an interactive dvd – one can click on a letter and it tells u the sound. – also a simple sentence about a word with that sound – eg A for apple. Apples grow in the orchard and are red and green dual language alphabet book?

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