Friday, September 19, 2008

Abstract Portraits

portrait 1 - Gradation

1. uniform changes in the square’s gradation.
2. The 25 x 25 pixel square should be centered in the portrait and can not move.
3. The square can not change size.
4. The square cannot rotate.

I chose to make a portrait of my Dad. His personality is usually calm, controlled and solemn. He rarely loses his temper - but when he does its short and terrible.

portrait 2 -Movement
1. This portrait is created by the movement of the square within the 500×500 pixel stage.
2. The square can rotate.
3. The square cannot change gradation, and must remain solid black.
4. The square cannot change size.

This portrait is of my Mom. - She's always late and always running around - very disorganized, yet she somehow manages to do a lot and pull through everything.
She can never follow a single path and is always all over the place - often takes on more than she can handle comfortably.

Portrait 3
1. This portrait is created through a user’s interaction with the square.
2. The square can rotate, move, change shape and change in gradation.
3. Any interface can be used to interact with the square ( keyboard,mouse,mic,video,etc )

Interactive portrait of my friends in India - it seems as if we're always drifting away but when I visit india its like we are close again.

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